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Computer vision joint tracking for ergonomics assessments

1,500+ teams use Polka daily.

Camera Based Assessments

No need for wearables, goniometers, or other equipment. Measure and automatically track the safety of employees without stopping production.

Use your phone's camera in the app
Upload an existing recording

Comprehensive Risk Analysis

Stop filling out long assessment worksheets so you can focus on giving great recommendations.

Summary of risk using accepted techniques
Risky postures highlighted in the video
Get a risk score for each part of the body
Joint angles visualized in charts

Powerful Risk Suite

Manage videos and assessment results across teams and devices. Enterprise features to make the most of your resources.

View and override inputs from models
Directional guidance on what to focus on
Dashboard to cut MSD risk across the company

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Empowering industrial athletes with


"TuMeke has enabled us to easily identify and prioritize the highest risk tasks faster. Now we can spend more time focused on devising solutions, and less time doing manual assessments."

Zane White
HSE Manager
Hitachi Astemo

Previously, explaining changes to production personnel and justifying new equipment purchases to upper management posed challenges. With TuMeke, we can visually illustrate process risks, and the necessity for change, that leads to improved safety.

Juan Medrano
Maintenance Manager and Safety Leader
MCC Label

The assessments have become the backbone of our new employee training, being able to show videos with the AI-highlighted risks gives us a way to demonstrate both risk and correct posture to new hires.

Dana Friesen
Injury Prevention Systems

Using TuMeke, we could dispense with the time-consuming process of annotating and measuring work assessment videos. Because TuMeke identifies and highlights problem postures and movements, we can immediately focus on remedial action.

Corporate Health & Safety
Automotive Component Manufacturer

TuMeke has helped our teams and leaders gain a better understanding and perspective when it comes to ergonomics. The video(s) tell the story. This has helped take the bias out of the assessments.

Tina Nichols
Sauder Woodworking Co.

I just had the opportunity to go over the results of the task analysis we did on our jobs. All I can say is WOW! So incredibly impressive! The data is going to prove very helpful in setting up stations to fit our people better. Anxious to continue this.

Occupational Health & Safety
United Heartland customer

Sustain Productivity. Reduce Injuries.

Measure and automatically track the safety of employees without stopping production.