Our Mission:



Driven by AI

We give workplace safety specialists the tools to enhance their jobs. Measure risk of injury and vital body metrics all in one easy app.




Take videos

Expensive wearable tracking technology disrupts the workplace. TuMeke lets safety specialists measure and automatically track the health of employees without stopping production.

Measure job risk

Our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence analyzes body motion and automatically computes the risk of the recorded job. Simply playback any video to see exactly which parts of the job are the riskiest.


Set up business accounts to sync job assessment data across members of a safety team. Easily navigate and compare videos you have taken across your workplace to help train and improve ergonomic performance.


Our Investor

We are backed by one of Silicon Valley’s premier Early Stage investors, OVO Fund. Partners at OVO Fund have invested in leading tech companies such as Addepar, Palantir Technologies, and Piazza.

Check them out here: OVO Fund

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